Reviewing Best Gravel Bikes

A lot of cyclists spend most of their cycling lives riding on pavements, not daring to take the bold step into the rough tracks. The idea is tempting and many often want to try it but they can’t because their bikes are made for paved roads. Mountain bikes are made for mountains and rough patches just as road bikes are made for the level smooth roads. The gears and riding position of the mountain bikes do not suit for use on the road.





  • The Schwinn S29 mountain bike features a 18-inch/medium frame for a suggested rider height of 5’9″-6’2″
  • Schwinn aluminum dual-suspension frame with a front suspension fork and rear shocks for ultimate bump absorption and durable trail riding
  • With a gloss red hardtail frame and 21 speeds to conquer the trails, the Huffy Summit Ridge is ready for outdoor adventures
  • An Amazon exclusive: Ideal for ages 12-19 and a rider height of 58-70 inches; durable steel frame is backed by our limited lifetime warranty
  • Aluminum suspension frame maximizes comfort & performance
  • Element suspension fork smoothes the bumps and increases control
  • 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur with SRAM twist shifters changes gears easily
  • Designed with 26-inch wheels, this bike fits riders 5’4″ to 6’2″ in height.
  • Durable steel mountain frame that’s ready to hit the trail.
    • Schwinn mountain frame with Schwinn suspension fork for controlled riding on tough trails
    • Shimano twist shifters with 21-speed rear derailleur for quick gear changes on the trail
    • All-terrain, wide knobby mountain tires sit on light and durable alloy wheels for added stability
  • ADES: The Z3 is outfitted with Eagle CARBON WHEELS, CARBON HANDLEBARS, and SHIMANO ULTEGRA DI2 ELECTRONIC shifters and derailleurs.
Diamondback Bicycles Release

Level Link design equals efficient yet supple rear suspension Boost 148x12mm Maxle dropout adds even more stiffness to the hydroformed aluminum frame Dropper post w/ Southpaw remote improves maneuverability on descents Powerful hydraulic disc brakes Crisp, confident shifting

Fat Tire Electric Bike Snow Bicycle 26″ 4.0

Tire,Motor:500W Brushless Motor,Max Assist,Battery:48V12AH Lithium Battery,Bicycle Weight:58 LBS,Load Capacity: 300LBS 26 X 4.0 Fat Tire in All Road Fat Tire-Durable

KENT KZ2600 Dual-Suspension

26-inch full suspension aluminum MTB frame Suspension fork 65mm travel Shimano 21 Speed Shifters with Rear Tourney Derailleur Front Disc Brake/Rear Linear Pull Brake

NCM Prague Electric Mountain

Sturdy, light weight, easy handling: With a lightweight but sturdy aluminium alloy frame, the NCM Prague weighs in at 55lbs including electric components and maintains all the handling qualities of a regular mountain bike

So for anybody considering the idea of going mountain biking, the gravel bike is what you’re looking for. At first glance, these bikes don’t look different to the normal road bikes with their drop handlebars and everything but there are differences.

The main differences between these two categories of bikes can be seen in the following aspects.

Frame: For gravel bikes, the frame geometry is carefully modified to be shorter than that of the road bike .The road bike has a steeper head angle but not as high as the mountain bike. This frame balances the need for off-road maneuverability with straight-line performance.

Tires: gravel bikes have wider tires with deeper treads. These provide extra grip on loose surfaces.

Position: The riding position for mountain bikes is a bit more upright for more control.

Balance: The pedal crank is placed nearer to the ground, this lowers the central of gravity of the rider and the bike, thus improving balance.

With all these differences and modifications, you have a bike that you can ride fast on the road as well as gravel lanes and dirt paths. A lot of people enjoy adventure riding, it is more common and easily accessible but mountain biking is another level of fun and dangerous.

I)                   Features to Consider when looking for the best gravel bike.

Modern gravel bikes are being designed to incorporate a lot materials and innovations. Let’s see how these new additions affect your choice.


On cheaper bikes, the frames are usually one-size-fits-all, you will often see the words like “adult” or “teen” on these bikes. The best gravel bikes offer different sized frames. If you are a regular rider, especially if you go more than a few miles at a time, it is important to choose a frame that fits your height. Otherwise, not only will you feel uncomfortable, but you won’t have the balance and control you want on free surfaces.

Wheels and tires

When it comes to wheels and tires, the options can be confusing, especially the dimensions. Unfortunately, our study shows that there is no real standardization.

Children’s gravel bikes usually indicate tire sizes in inches: usually 24 inches.

Adult gravel bikes sometimes use inches, but usually use expressions like 650b, 700 or 700c


In hybrids, you’ll find caliper brakes, but most gravel bikes have disc brakes for superior braking performance. These are hydraulic cables or controls.

Hydraulic brakes appear to be an option on the market and have a greater “braking” feel. Much less can go wrong with the cables though, and unless you’re a professional cyclist you will most likely fail to notice a big difference.

II)                Other considerations

Carbon forks: Reduces weight on the front, making it easy to turn, especially in gravel and dirt.

Seat post

The bike seat holder or seatpost is a tube that connects the bike frame to the bike seat. They are usually height adjustable and can be adjusted to the driver’s needs. The right place is very important for driving comfort.

It is also important to maintain balance based on your height when moving on an uneven surface. Seat posts are usually replacable and can be adjusted if damaged over time. Even the upper seat can be replaced and modified with additional padding.

Seats: Seats tend to offer more padding and strenght than the razor blades found on some race bikes, but are not necessarily luxurious. The accessories are universal, so they are easy to change if you want a little more comfort.

Gears: It may seem strange that we are just mentioning the gears, but in our opinion they are less important than many people think. You will probably get an absolute minimum of 15 speeds, which is enough. While low-cost gravel bikes can offer at least 24, High-tech machines made for pros can have as few as 10. Twist grip selectors may be common but levers are more precise.


The Drivetrain includes an entire system that has the following:

Derailleur and Shifter – The derailleur and the shifter work together in moving the chain. The movement of the chain is an acceleration system that controls speed.

Cassette: A cassette is a group of gears located on the rear wheel. This helps determine bike speed based on the gear system.

The Best Bikes For 2020

          III)     Product Review

Getting the right bike is not as easy as it seems, you probably have to spend a lot of time surfing the internet, looking at reviews and what people have to say. If you’re looking for the best mountain bike for the coming year or best mountain bike 2020, then you are at the right place. Read further to find your trophy.

Schwinn S29 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike with 29-Inch Wheels

If you’re a looking for the best mountain bike for the money, this bike is definitely among the top 3 if not the number one bike you should consider. It features an 18-inch frame, perfect for riders with height range of between 5’9 to 6’2 tall. The design is made up of Schwinn aluminum dual-suspension frame and a front suspension fork together with rear shocks for shock absorption and quick trail riding.
It comes equipped with 21-speed Shimano EZ-fire trigger shifters and Shimano derailleurs which are perfect for wide gear range and easy, clean shifts.
Stopping can’t be crispier with the front and rear mechanical disk brakes equipped on the bike, they also provide steady speed control during descents.
The extra wide double wall alloy rims wrap around the knobby mountain tires  for extra durability. The Schwin alloy Cranks and Shimano 7-speed freewheel combine well to supply the perfect gearing at all times.
  • Great design, with good gearing
  • Perfect for riders within the height range of 5’9 to 6’2
  • Comes with Shimano derailleurs which are perfect for smooth shifts.
  • Not the best choice for ladies or people below 5’9
  • Bike parts may show signs of wear from shipping.

Huffy Bicycle Company Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

Huffy is a popular name when it comes to m bikes and bike accessories, they are credited with manufacturing the best mountain bike helmet and they didn’t fail to live up to expectations with this mountain bike. This particular model is designed for kids and teens between the ages of 12 to 19.  Of course, older individuals can also make use of it as long as they fall within the appropriate height range which is between. 4’10 and 6’4. You can easily adjust the seat post to fit your height.
The bike has 21 speeds which is similar to our first pick and a micro shift twister with which riders can quickly flip between options, these features help riders to adapt their speed and riding efforts to the terrain and the gradient of the trail.
It has knobby 24 inches tires, they provide plenty of grip and traction needed for easy riding on loose surfaces and uneven grounds
The linear handbrakes are strong and delivers consistent instant stopping actions suitable for emergency situations. It also has kolo 1200 suspension forks which absorbs shocks from bumps and dips, making the ride smoother.
It is equipped with a Shimano TZ-31 rear derailleur which combines with the micro twist shiter, the result of this combination is the 21 speeds which provides for better uphill climbing, downhill riding or pure straight line acceleration. The attached removable rear derailleur provides consistent control and gearing.
The handlebar is slightly raised to enable upright riding, this helps to reduce back and shoulder strain. Overall, this is one awesome bike .
  • Great bike for kids and teenagers between age 12 and 19
  • 21 speeds offer plenty of control, and speed
  • Krayton grips are very comfortable to hold for long periods
  • Slightly raised handlebar for upright riding.
  • Owners manual can be difficult to understand.

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

As with a lot of mountain bikes, the first thing you will notice about this brand of bikes is their tires, they are very large and these are very good. Large tires are able to handle any type of terrain more than narrow tires.

Also like the previously mentioned bikes on this list, this bike uses Shimano rear derailleur but with seven speeds instead of the 21 available in the previously mentioned two. This feature helps to control and regulate the effort you will be putting into riding and it is especially useful when you’re going up or down steep terrains.

The bike has a steel frame, which makes well for durability with supersized knobby tires for more stability and balance.

While the Shimano rear derailleur makes it easy to climb and descend steep slopes, the twist shifters make it easy to change gears while riding, these two additions combine with the strong lightweight alloy rims to keep the weights down and provide smooth, easy, fun-filled riding experience.

Riders can easily adjust the threadless headsets to suit their heights and the beach cruiser pedals makes riding and pedaling more comfortable. For safety, the bike comes with front and rear disk brakes which won’t fail to respond when operated.

The bike is suitable for teenage and adult riders between 5’6 and 6 feet tall.

The product comes ready to be assembled and with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Comes with extra-large tires that can handle any terrain
  • 7-speed Shimano rear derailleur to ride through and conquer rough terrains
  • Lightweight alloy rims keeps the weight of the bike down making it feel lighter.
  • Doesn’t fit riders below 5 feet 6 inchess or above 6 feet tall



Mongoose Impasse Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

This is another cool mountain bike from mongoose. The mongoose brand currently ranks among the best in the production of mountain bikes.

This model comes with an Aluminum suspension frame which is designed to maximize comfort and performance.

Speaking of comfort, the element suspension fork helps to absorb shocks and improves control when riding through very rough patches.

For speed and control when going up or down steep slopes, the bike features a 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur with SRAM twist shifters. With those shifters, changing gears is as easy as blinking.

Although lightweight, this model has a very sturdy construction, it won’t fall apart easily, this is a very important feature, the lightweight aluminum frame makes it easy to maneuver and control the bike, not to mention the alloy wheels with quick release front and alloy rear disk brakes for safety and good measure.

  • Comes with a 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur and SRAM twist shifters
  • Lightweight sturdy aluminum design with increased control and maneuverability
  • The aluminum frame is designed to maximize speed, comfort and control.
  • There’s only 1.5″ between the front wheel and the pedals, which is very dangerous.


Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

Specially made for ladies but can also be used by men, this is the ideal definition of a unisex bike. The bike frame comes in a 13 inch size and for the color, you can select between the teal or silver design. This is the best mountain bike for women
This bike can be use by adults and teenagers alike, male or female. This bike can be adapted to different riders, riders can easily adjust the handle bar up or down, depending on their preferences.
The bike comes with front and rear disk brakes for making clean stops. You don’t want brakes that make your bike flip forward on sudden stops.
The bike comes ready to be assembled from the manufacturer so you can easily put it together and start your adventure as soon as possible.
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Easy to assemble
  • Front and rear brakes ensure safe and instant stops.
  • Bike parts may show wear from shipping


This is a a very reliable 26-inches mountain bike with aluminum frame. Because of its sturdy frame, it is able to last through just about any terrain. This is one bike you can depend on for many adventures.
Like most of the best mountain bike under 1000 dollars, it comes with a 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur with shifters that are much easier to flick as you are riding. The derailleur provides more speed and control while climbing uphill or descending steep slopes thereby easing strain on the riders body. The front and rear brakes make it easy to stop on a dime without tumbling or flipping. The brakes don’t only stop the bike, they also prevent the bike from jolting or tipping when riders stop suddenly.
The dual suspension system help to reduce the effect of the bumps and dips on the rider, this way, the bumpy trails won’t take much of a toll on the rider.
  • Dual suspension system helps to reduce the toll of the bumpy trails on the rider
  • 21 speed Shimano derailleur makes it easy to ascend and descend steep slopes
  • Front and rear brakes allow you to stop on a dime.
  • Only available in one size.

Diamondback Bicycles Release 3 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Diamongback bikes have consistently been known for being among the best entry-level bikes available and like many other bikes, they’ve got good guarantee.

Diamondback never fail to provide value in all of their products. This particular model features a lot of outstanding components and features. Some of which are; strong wheels and knobby tires, front and rear disk brakes which are not common with mountain bikes under 500 dollars, and like all diamondback bikes, this bike is one of the best budget mountain bikes. SO when looking for inexpensive bikes, this is what you should go for.

This model from diamond back is the best mountain bike for the money because it consist of high quality additions and features. It has 29” wheels with Schwalbe tires which are popularly used for traction bikes and mountain bikes

It might seem like a longshot but, one might say this bike is the best mountain bike for beginners

It has an aluminum frame, with a slightly raised handlebar for comfort and speed. The Suspension fork makes riding on rough patches smoother and less taxing.

It can be a little bit difficult to assemble and can be a little bit heavy, but overall it is one of the best if not the best mountain bike for beginners.

  • Has durable and rust-resistant aluminum frame
  • Has suspension fork which makes riding on rough terrains smoother
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • No kickstand included
  • The bike can be quite heavy
  • Assembly may require some technical know-how

BEIOU Carbon Fiber 27.5 Mountain Bike 10.7kg / 29" Hardtail Bicycle 2.10" Tires Shimano DEORE M6000 30 Speed XC

Speaking of value for money, this bike is definitely up there among the best. It is designed for pros and beginners alike, but recommended for professional entry-level riders. The ingenious mountain bike has a clever design which features a frame, handlebar and seatpost all made of carbon fibre. It comes with a 3*10 speed Shimano M6000 Deore, a concealed disk brake, fork suspension and a hardtail construction. The carbon fibre construction makes it one of the sturdiest bikes out there not to mention the fact that it is lightweight, only weighing a little above 10 kg.
Another interesting feature is the professional internal cable routing embedded for increased maneuverability.
  • Sturdy lightweight design featuring frame, handlebar and seatpost made of carbon fibre
  • The disk brake is concealed to protect it from getting damaged when riding through rough terrains
  • Embedded professional internal cable routing for increased maneuverability
  • Concealed disk brakes are not easy to remove the repair or replace when faulty

NCM Moscow Electric Mountain Bike 624Wh 48V/13AH

The manufacturers of this bike claim to be focused on quality and this bike does nothing but confirm their claims. This bike is a combination of knowledge, skills and innovations of different notable bike component manufacturers and the result is absolute genius. An E-bike, it is one of the best Electric mountain bikes in the market.

The bike features a sturdy alloy frame and fork suspension for durability. Performance-wise, only few can measure up to this bike, it comes with a custom 500W Das-Kit X15 rear drive motor which delivers exceptional in-class torque for more power when climbing uphill and more control when going down. For electric power, it has a high capacity DeHawk removable 48V Lithium-Ion battery which can go 75 miles of power assisted riding, you can even charge your smart devices via the integrated USB port as you go.

The Das-Kit L7B display shows multiple indicators which allows users to set the motor with 6 levels of pedal assist and the power output of the battery.

It has all the basic features required for smooth riding. 21-speed Shimano derailleurs, shifters, cranks and others. While Tekro disk blades ensure that you’re able to stop on a whim, the added brake sensor automatically turns of the motor once the brake is applied. The high quality Velo grips are comfortable to hold for long periods of time.

  • Very innovative design featuring electric motor and battery assisted riding
  • Integrated USB port allows you to charge your smart device on the go
  • Has multiple indicators which allow users to set things the way they want.
  • Assembly requires the help of a technician

NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike 468Wh 36V/13AH

This bike highlights most of the major things that make the best mountain bikes. Sturdy lightweight design with aluminum alloy frame. Even with all the integrated and embedded electric components, the bike only weighs some 55lbs and it is very easy to handle.

It features an electronic system which consist of a Das-Kit 350w rear-drive motor and a 468Wh DeHawk battery with a Das-Kit L6B LCD display and controller.

The bike is designed to provide top quality performance, with the display which offers 6 level pedal assistance, riders can comfortably reach up to a speed of 20 mph. IN Eco mode. Riders can even go up to 60 miles. But if you don’t want any pedal assistance, it’s all good, you can enjoy your ride manually.

For smooth trail riding, the bike comes with suntour fork design. The Suntour XCT has a “preload setting which can be customized to the rider’s weight and style. So the bike is adaptable to asphalt riding too. The Schwalbe Smart Sam tyres are designed to provide strong grip and riding efficiency on any road surface in any condition.

The Shimano derailleurs and shifters are made to inspire confidence in riders with a smooth, responsive drivetrain and Tektro mechanical disk brakes for safety. This is easily the best mountain bike electric.

  • Very good design with top quality components
  • Offers 6 level of pedal assistance which allows riders to reach a speed of up to 20mph
  • The Suntour XCT comes with a preload setting which can be customized to the rider’s weight and riding style.
  • The Schwabe tyres provide great grip, and are suitable for all types of roadsurfaces.
  • Assembly and repair will require the help of a technician.

So there you have it. If you’re looking for the best mountain bikes under 500 dollars or whatever it is you are looking, I’m sure one these bikes will be able to answer your preferences. Now it’s up to you to decide what you want and let your preference guide, but make sure that shop from the products listed above.